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Through the Cracks

Okay, George, I’ll go first.

That pretty much sums it up.


The Dregs

These photographs are the last of the batch, and represent the stuff on the inside of the abandoned building.  Nothing special here… just some of the junk that was left behind in the old building (and which seems a bit overexposed, now that I see it on WP).


We’re sort of in

Here are some shots of the inside of the abandoned building.  I’ll note that these kinds of shots are not what my skills are best suited for (at this point in my development), but I do want to give you a feel for the inside.  I was also shooting super fast somewhat anxious about getting nabbed, either by the police or by whatever the large creature was that I heard scurrying about in the loft.


Here is why I didn’t venture much further in:  it’s a hole in the floor:

When I peered into this hole above,  I realized there was at least a 10-foot drop beneath it.  I actually didn’t discover this hole until I had already wandered in a bit and realized the floor in other areas was very wobbly and unstable.  I carefully crept back  out and took these shots above.  There is a loft that I couldn’t really get to (you can sort of see it in a few of the pictures), but wanted to.  I just know there was good stuff up there (including the aforementioned large creature, which was probably just a tiny mouse sounding big). But the floor just wasn’t safe enough to cross, unfortunately.

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow of a few interesting things I found inside some of the side rooms.  No pirate treasure or anything, but some shot-worthy old junk, which is always good treasure in my book.

Are we going in yet?

No, not yet! But here is a sneak peek!

There are still some fun things to see on the outside of the building.

And around the back of the large building is this smaller one.  Isn’t it sweet?

Tomorrow, we’ll go inside!

Well, see, I accidentally tripped on the vines and fell inside…

Remember that abandoned structure I longingly drooled over last week?  Well, I went back… I’ve never taken pictures so quickly in my life.  I have LOTS… Shhhhhhh.  More to come!


Milkweed, an extraordinary weed.

Old-fashioned Cultivation

I came across what looks like an early farm field cultivator sitting alongside a back country road.  Given the grass that has grown over its wheels, I’d say it’s been there for a very long time.

So Lovely To Be Three

This is not at all what I had thought I would be posting today, but here I am nonetheless.  Three year olds know how to play harder than any other group I know.  I saw it all in action this weekend with my daughter and her friends, as they went from playing cars to unearthing lost toys, playing letter games, assembling puzzles, making collages, sculpting play-dough masterpieces, racing around in the yard, playing on the swing-set, digging up rubber salamanders in the dirt (left over from last summer), playing soccer,  enjoying tea parties,  having lunch, making cakes, and more,  all within the space of two and a half hours.  I managed to take a few Flip clips of them throughout the morning, but only had a chance to take a couple of photographs.  When it comes to three year olds, you can never go wrong with a dress-up trunk.

No Trespassing

I just know there are treasures to be photographed in this abandonned old place.  But there is a No Trespassing Sign posted on the property.  Hmmmm.  Would anyone really ever know?  I just have to know what’s in there.  I’m sure there must be some fabulous rusted junk just begging to be captured. “Leeeeemony….. Leeeeemony….”

Some of These Things Are Not Like the Others

On the same day this week when I was nearly murdered by turkeys (see yesterday’s post), and in the same location, I was also taking photos on the bank of a creek.  Here are  a few of the treasures I spotted.

While Taking Photos of Bamboo

These three turkeys snuck up on me while I was taking pictures of the bamboo yesterday.  Out of nowhere: GOBBLE GOBBLE. Fortunately, (from past experience) I was sensitive to the tone of those gobbles and the aggressive posturing and knew not to  stick around to chat with them about the fabulous color and texture of the bamboo.  I took off. Running.  And those turkeys were right behind me, as you can see from this shot.  By the time I got in my car, the male was puffed up so huge, I thought he would pop.  He strutted all around my car, back and forth, triumphant.  I’m convinced his two mates were laughing their heads off (at me or him, I don’t know…)


300 Years Old


A 300-year-old Sycamore tree braves the “winter storm.”