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Still I Find It


There 3




What can I say?  Artistically, the image is pretty bland, but this fog-filled, never-ending field is very inviting to me at the moment.  I could use a little quiet time.  If you’re looking for me, I’ll be somewhere out there.

In Memory of “My” Spider

In Memory of Venusta and Friends

Well, gang, she didn’t rebuild… “my” spider… the one I was following all those months in the Clematis vine for my Filaments II series.   I was deeply heartened to discover that she had survived the storms we experienced here, as a result of Hurricane Sandy. I was hopeful that she would reconstruct her splendid labyrinth, but, alas, she didn’t.   I don’t know what happened to her–if she died, or moved on–but I will always remember her, and look for her relatives who may continue our Filaments collaboration in her stead.




Instinct Paid Off (I always find treasure when I take that left turn.)

Abandoned 1

Abandoned 2

Abandoned 3


Morning Light

Hay Rolls under Fog


December Dawn

Farmhouse in Fog




Letter from My Daughter to the Designers of Disney Children’s Underwear

Buzz and Woody

Please see below the letter dictated to me yesterday by my 4-year-old daughter.  I only inserted the date, greeting, and  closing; the rest contains exactly her words as she said them to me for the letter she plans to take to school tomorrow to see if anyone else at her preschool wants to sign it before she puts it in the mail.

December 1, 2012

Dear Designers of Disney Children’s Underwear:

Girls and boys should be able to choose their underwear, not the designers. I wanted Buzz and Woody underwear and Mickey Mouse underwear, but I’m a girl and could not find any Toystory underwear for girls, only for boys, and there was only Minnie Mouse underwear for girls. I want Mickey Mouse and super heroes! It’s just not fair! Girls can like Buzz and Woody and Mickey Mouse, too. Boys might like princess underwear and there isn’t any for them.  Boys should be able to buy princess underwear, and they can’t.  Designers should make both kinds for boys AND girls. I’m right.



Age 4


More treasure from my neighbor’s alley.


each other