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The Core

Can You Hear Me Now?



Imaginary Bone

Another magical place

Well now that I’ve taken you into Miss Mary’s garden, I thought I’d also give you a peek into another special garden. I have a friend who lives down the street from me, who has a magical garden of her own.  She has become a dear friend to my four-year-old daughter Lillia.  The first thing that Lillia often wants to do when she comes home from preschool is to run over to Ms. Bylander’s house to explore her yard.  There happen to be small  and wonderful things for small people there (mainly for Ms. Bylander’s grandchildren), and Ms. Bylander has made Lillia feel very welcome to come and enjoy them.

Ms. Bylander has a special way with children;  she just knows how to communicate with them in a manner that makes them feel listened to and understood.  Her garden is filled with glorious flowers, beautiful little bird families, elegant tiny statues, colorful stones that glimmer in the sunlight, and best of all:  secret passages.  Lillia loves to go in and out of the paths through the flowers, trees, and bushes.  There are swings, little chairs for little bodies, and even a baby swing where Lillia can strap in her beloved baby doll, Suzette.

Here are a few of the flowers growing in Ms. Bylander’s garden:




More tiny beauties








What lovely eyes you have





Empty (thank goodness)

A Tiny Brain


Mating Hoverflies

With just a tiny dash of red

A photographic sketch

More mushrooms! For my sister, Poupie

Although some of these images aren’t as crisp as I would like, or have an overly restricted depth of field, I’m including them anyway because I like what they contribute to the collection, in terms of variety.

The Decline

Cloud Tea

Three Brand New Baby Girls

Ahhhh, at last!  I’ve been visiting my queen wasp very regularly over the past couple of weeks.  She has been working and working and working, and making what has seemed like very slow progress on her nest.  Finally, her first daughters have been born, and so now they can get to work!

Thank you (again) to yoshizen for offering the information about these newborns.  He also warned that they are likely to be quite aggressive and will defend the nest, so I should watch out.  I am definitely being careful.  A couple of days before the female worker wasps were born, I managed to get a few interesting shots of the queen by herself.  She is easy to photograph because she is simply always hanging around the nest.  I don’t know why that surprised me.  I’ve grown quite fond of her now and am utterly fascinated by all the different ways she moves her body.  Yoshizen mentioned that the way we know she is a wasp is by her two sets of wings, which you can see in the first and third of photographs below.  In the first image, I’m almost certain she is smiling at me. 😀


I shot these in a bit of a rush when I was returning home the other day and discovered them all in one person’s garden.  I planned to go back when I had more time, but, alas! They had all been removed.

Cloud Poppies

Yoshizen and I have been talking about poppies lately, and  our conversations have inspired me to look at poppies from another angle.  Here are a few more of Miss Mary’s poppies, this time with a cloud-covered sky in the background.

This first one has a bit of a soft focus that, to me, makes it look more like a painting than a photograph.

The next two are crisper and more clearly photographed images.

I’d like to try this again soon, but hopefully with a blue sky.

Little Beings

Carpet Beetles (?), The Gathering


Thank you, to yoshizen and Finn Holding for the ID!

Just Hanging Out, Nibbling a Blade of Grass

Resplendent Dessication