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Filaments II (color) 1a

My co-artist for this series is (I believe) a Venusta Orchard Spider.  There is a fairly long story to tell about her and her spectacular weaving and what she means to me.  I will try to tell it in spurts over the course of the coming weeks, as I share images of her work (and hopefully of her).

I’ll begin by saying that it is this very spider (or perhaps her mother or grandmother–although I have read somewhere that these spiders can live for several years), and her very web (and the webs of her family), located in this Japanese Clematis (which I pronounce KLEM-uh-tis, as I learned from master gardner Miss Mary) was (is) actually my first true inspiration as a photographer.  The kind of inspiration that completely sweeps you up, that draws you back over and over and over again in a kind of ecstatic creative mania.

In a way, Venusta was my first teacher of photography.  I will also say that my relationship with this spider, so meaningful to me, goes back to the sculptor Louise Bourgeois, whose sculpture titled “Maman” had such a powerful impact on me the day I stood beneath it (just over four 1/2  years ago, a few weeks before the birth of my daughter) that I have never forgotten the experience.  I will talk a little bit about that in a future installment.


Filaments II (3b)

Filaments II (2a-2d)

Filaments II (the obsession continues)

A Hybrid Species in the Making?

The Enchanted Pool

Hi, everyone.  I am actually still alive, despite my lengthy absence.  I am eager to get back to regular posts in the very near future.

This image is from a spring in the woods at my mother’s house in Maine that bubbles year round even in the coldest winter months.  My step-father, Carl, hand-crafted a beautiful sign years ago and posted it on a tree near the spring with the words “Enchanted Pool.”  In the right side of the image below you can see a  (blurred) shape of the bench where one can sit an gaze quietly into the enchanted pool and reflect.

Best wishes to all!




Pumpkins and Squash

“Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin.” Simone Schwarz-Bart

This is why I take those left turns:

I find wonderful old buildings like this one.  The barn  in the photograph below is located on the property with the old shack with the freezer (which you can see peeking into the right side of this image).

Spherical Daydream

I opted not to look inside the freezer.

What is it about rust that makes me want to eat it?

Or is it something about me? 😀












Oil Cans II