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“Let the rain kiss you…” (Langston Hughes)








A few of these images are not as crisp as I would like, but I took all of them without any sort of support (tripod, monopod, etc.) , holding an umbrella in one hand and my camera in the other.   If there is a hands-free umbrella (that flips up out of a back-back or something) made for photographers, I need to find it (or design it myself, if not), because I assume the most ridiculous postures trying to keep my camera lens dry in the rain. I was determined, though, to try to capture these beautiful little buds.  Perhaps someone can help me identify them.  These tiny light purple buds unfold into large clusters of pink tubes (rounded at the ends).  I feel like it’s quite a common vine flower, but the name is escaping me and my efforts to google it are coming up with all the wrong images.

Clematis terniflora: My Addiction Continues

I have a near obsession with Clematis.  Last October, for example, I went almost everyday (sometimes more than once) to one particular hedge in my neighborhood that was covered in the vine to photograph and document  some spider webs that were so beautifully woven into its fluff.  It was a hard month for those webs; we had our first snow at the end of October.

This photograph above is the start of a new infatuation with the same hedge/vine.  I just can’t stay away from it.  I imagine I’ll be following (i.e. stalking) this Clematis (which is of the Japanese variety) throughout the year.


This creeper, which has completely taken over a fence  I pass by on my walks everyday, looks like some sort of insatiable alien creature, when stripped of its ivy leaves.

Big fat (vine?)

This spectacular vine, or root, actually I’m not sure which, is in a neighbor’s yard (well, a stranger’s garden–to tell the truth…. I couldn’t help myself).  My problem is I don’t know quite how to “get it.”  Sure, I’ve taken a picture of it, but I just know there must be a better way to capture this.  I took a few abstract macro images, but they don’t quite do it justice.  The colors, textures, curves, and fatness of this thing are fascinating.  How can I fit all of that good stuff into the photograph while also preserving the shape?  I’m just not satisfied with this picture, but I’m not sure how to approach it differently.