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Strange Creatures

While I was in New York City recently with my family, I missed a fantastic opportunity to take a portrait of someone very interesting we were talking to on the subway (Dameion “RhythmChild” Williams), and was kicking myself over it for just about the rest of the day.  At the  time, I thought, “Come on,  I really need to do this for Richard Guest. I’ve got to do it!” But I blew it.  I couldn’t crack out of myself.  I’m sorry, Richard.  I feel like I let you down. Next time, I’ll  speak up for sure.  Click on Dameion’s name above to check out his amazing website.  He is a spectacular dancer.

Later that same day, I had another chance, although the challenge wasn’t as real.  As you can see, it’s pretty obvious these two guys were looking for attention. But, I did ask permission to take their pictures, and they kindly obliged.  Lucky for me,  they were in silent mode, which gave me the chance to quickly turn my dials and snap the shot.  I have no idea why they were wandering about in these costumes, but I suspect it was related to some publicity for a film.

Creature 2

Creature 1