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Everyday Sidewalk Finds

There are a few reasons I bump into or trip over things when I’m walking, but one of them is because I’m constantly looking and trying to maintain a state of mind where I am seeing. I look hard, scanning the ground, bushes, trees, and, of course, the sidewalk for things I’d like to photograph.  So,  actually, I end up not looking where I’m going, which is how I end up with the occasional thump and bruise (those telephone poles just never see me coming!), but also how I end up with some special finds or unusual angles on very ordinary things.  And then there are just regular things that catch my eye that are not special in anyway at all, but which for some reason, because of my mood or frame of mind, I see in a different light.  I have a file where I keep these “everyday finds” (the photographs I mean).  I find something interesting about the things that people drop by accident or leave on purpose to the side of the walk. Below are a few recent finds (the third one, in case you’re wondering, is charred charcoal that someone had shoved to the side of a walkway).  You can tell that what I happen to shoot and how I render it depends entirely on the mood of the day: