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Yes, Mary Oliver… yes.

white peony(Inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem “Peonies”)

The Touch


The Touch


Renée Vivien

The trees cling to the sunlight in their branches,

Veiled like a woman, evoking times long-gone,

Dusk passes by, weeping… Trembling, my fingers

Trace the line of your thighs.


My clever fingers linger upon the shivering

Flesh beneath your petal-soft gown.

The art of the touch, complex and curious, equals

The trance of fragrance, the miracle of sound.


Slowly I follow the contours of your thighs,

Your shoulders, your neck, your unappeased breasts.

My delicate desire denies itself kisses;

It strokes and swoons in your white voluptuousness.


This my working translation of “The Touch” (i.e. still in draft form), from the French, which is part of my larger project involving the creative works, correspondence, and journals of Renée Vivien (1877-1909), as well as remembrances and other works written about and inspired by Vivien after her death.

© 2013 Melanie E. Gregg

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Although my legal copyright is Melanie Gregg, I do prefer “Lemony,” just so you know. 😉