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Wheels on a Wagon

I drive through beautiful farmlands on my way to an animal shelter in central PA where I volunteer once a week (see my other blog devoted to my work at the shelter: Inspired by fellow-blogger and photographer Denzil Jennings, who, both by his stellar example ( and his words of encouragement, I decided to pull my car over on the highway and step out of the vehicle, and, (gasp!) on to the property (!) to take some shots.

I’ve passed by and admired the wooden wagon featured here countless times, wishing I could take some photographs of it.  Well, now I’ve finally done it.  However, once I was there, I really struggled to figure out exactly what I was aiming for.  If you’re  a follower of this blog, you’ve probably noticed I have a strong interest in abstract macro photography.  How, then, to get a handle on the fascinating lines, shapes and shadows of this very large wagon?  I worked my way from large to small.  The more I zeroed in, the the happier I became (naturally!).  It was the wheels that enchanted me most:  their spokes, and especially their hubs, so spectacularly rusted.

I’ll show my shots in reverse order.

Wheel Hub 1

Wheel Hub 2

Wheel Hub 3


Wheels and Shadows

Wagon Wheels

The Wooden Wagon