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Cherry blossom petals were already scattering.  Some fell straight down in  a spectacular blur of pink raindrops.  Others sailed like tiny clouds on the wind.  Eventually, they gathered in puddles at the sidewalk’s edge, drenched in the morning dew.

Experiments in Blossoming

The WP crunching is going to effect these images a bit, unfortunately.  The blossoms are intentionally blurred, but the crunching is going to overdo it most likely. The compression seems to take out more of the detail than shows on my own computer screen. Nonetheless, what I was aiming for is still “there.” As you know, you can click the photographs to enlarge.

Blossoms and Branches

I had very little opportunity to take photographs during my recent trip to D.C., but did not miss the chance to get some shots of the beautiful cherry blossoms. I find that the branches of the cherry trees are just as captivating as the blossoms (hence my experiments in the last few images with  post processing to create a more abstract image  that desaturates the blossoms and accentuates the branches.)