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Flower bud?

berry or budNot sure about this one. It is about the size of a large blueberry. Does anyone recognize what it is?

On the verge

Black Bud

“Let the rain kiss you…” (Langston Hughes)








A few of these images are not as crisp as I would like, but I took all of them without any sort of support (tripod, monopod, etc.) , holding an umbrella in one hand and my camera in the other.   If there is a hands-free umbrella (that flips up out of a back-back or something) made for photographers, I need to find it (or design it myself, if not), because I assume the most ridiculous postures trying to keep my camera lens dry in the rain. I was determined, though, to try to capture these beautiful little buds.  Perhaps someone can help me identify them.  These tiny light purple buds unfold into large clusters of pink tubes (rounded at the ends).  I feel like it’s quite a common vine flower, but the name is escaping me and my efforts to google it are coming up with all the wrong images.