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What’s up with the megapixels?


This was just a spontaneous experiment (which captures my idea, but not with the quality I hoped for). But once I did it, I was confused.   I took this (these) photo(s) (of bookshelves in my office) with my iPhone in the app called Duomatic (an app I’m not at all impressed with, but which interested me nonetheless).  The app combines two images into one.  I processed in iColorama (an app with lots of a great features that I enjoy very much) and then tried to save the image a bit (without much success) in Lightroom.  Anyway, what I’m confused about is the megapixels.  The primary camera on the iPhone 4s is  8 Megapixels.  This photograph is only .5 megapixels (yes, that’s point 5).  How can that be?  I did take the picture with the primary camera (not the front camera, which I know has a significantly reduced number of megapixels).