Peony 3

Ah, how fleeting! The white peonies are dead.  And yet, to my eye, their brittle, wizened skirts seem to flutter in the light; they sway with elegance and grace.

Dandelion #4

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but when you start looking at dandelions up close, you begin to see (or “imagine,” if you insist) that they have different “personalities.”  There are “the divas,” “the eccentrics,” “the introverts,” “the lunatics,” … and on and on.  And each one dies in a way reflective of the nature with which it lived. Or so I like to pretend, at least, when I take their portraits.

This one makes me smile.  I think it is fairly stubborn. Maybe “head-strong” would be a good description.


Dandelion 2


This is the start of collage 11 and I thought I would post it now, while the image is fairly bright and open.   I’m  not sure where it is headed after this.