Walking in Pink Clouds


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  1. Barry Comer

    Just don’t walk on me… (:

    June 5, 2020 at 8:45 am

  2. I’ve long been fascinated by ladybug larvae, and it’s fun to try to imagine how that flower appears to it, and what it must be like to walk around on that huge cushion of fragrant softness.

    June 5, 2020 at 5:39 pm

  3. A bit of whimsy . . .

    June 5, 2020 at 6:46 pm

  4. Gorgeous. It’s so lovely to see your very special photography again

    June 6, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    • Thank you so much, Helen. Those are such encouraging words. I really appreciate your saying so.

      June 7, 2020 at 9:03 am

  5. First time in your blog. I have enjoyed seeing your flower photos!

    June 8, 2020 at 11:47 pm

    • Thank you, Minna! I appreciate your visit. I see you have some beautiful nature photography, and some ice photos (which is one of my favorite subjects). I’ll stop over for a longer visit to your blog soon. Thanks for stopping by! –Lemony

      June 9, 2020 at 11:35 am

      • Thank you Lemony!

        June 9, 2020 at 1:31 pm

  6. Cute little lady bug in a bloom. I shot a peony last night and never saw a spider until afterward so couldn’t get a nice closeup as you did.

    June 10, 2020 at 2:23 pm

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