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In Remembrance

After the Rain, Part II: Dandelion Seed Abstracts





After the Rain…

A Dandelion!

What else did you expect? ūüôā

A Dogwood Tree

I really don’t know what I think about this image. ¬†I’d be grateful for some feedback about it or ideas for how to do better. ¬†I have not touched the color here, so the blues and pinks are as they were when captured by my camera. ¬†Does the composition work or is it a mess? I can’t tell if the depth of field works either. ¬†I’ve been taking photographs of dogwoods all week and can’t seem to capture what I’m aiming for. ¬†I want to get both up close and to show the shapes of the branches (and the wonderful blue sky peeking through them) at the same time. ¬†Am I asking too much?

Pink Canopy

Bull’s Eye!

A Mad Dash off the Highway

This is a place I’ve been curious about for a while now. ¬†To get to it, I had to pull over on the side of Highway 81, with 18-wheelers flying by me at 90 miles an hour. ¬†Dash up the side of a mushy, muddy hill (we won’t mention the little fence I had to climb over… it was hardly even noticeable anyway), run like a maniac taking photographs as quickly as possible ¬†before the owners noticed the wild, crazy person on their property, and then calmly walk back down to re-enter my vehicle. No problem.

Unfortunately, the sun was beating shadows into all of my images, and I didn’t have time to adjust my camera on site, so I’m really just going to give you what I got, with just some minor cropping and some B&W treatment for the last image to compensate for the over exposure.

Nothing spectacular here.  Just a fun, tangly, quick adventure.  My favorite detail of this building is the light fixture next to the window and fully intact lightbulb that shows up in the 6th image.

Getting to the Heart of the Dandelion

Children Full of Life

I was so deeply moved by this documentary, that I feel compelled to share it. ¬†Here is a link to Children Full of Life, a film about¬†Mr. Kanamori and his group of ¬†fourth-grade students in ¬†Kanazawa,¬†Japan. ¬†His primary goal as a teacher is to help his students understand happiness (through lessons about empathy, compassion, and community…). What a wonderful world we would live in, if we all had teachers like this.

Dandelion Snow

Click to enlarge, for a better view.

I knew that would happen.

I am hooked now, on dandelions.

For Canon

This photograph is dedicated to Canon, and was inspired by Canon.  Those of you who already follow her blog will probably know which image in particular inspired it.  I am stirred everyday by her exquisite photography; it is so wonderful to see the world through her eyes.  Thank you, Canon!

Shots from the Adirondack Trail

My New Playground, Part II

You may remember that I posted a photograph of a very large abandoned old barn about a month ago with the hopes of returning there to explore the inside. ¬†I passed through that town once again last week (camera in hand) and inquired with some locals in the know, who informed me that it wasn’t technically “abandoned.” ¬†In fact, they discouraged me from visiting the property at all, explaining that ¬†the owners (who lived just over the hill from the structure) ¬†were a bit “off.” They felt that it wouldn’t be a good idea either (when I pressed the idea) to attempt to get permission from the owners to photograph the interior.

I was pretty disappointed because I had built in some time that day (and had ¬†even brought along my kick- ass new snake boots, since George got me all paranoid about getting “kilt up”). ¬†But my fang-proof boots ¬†weren’t going to protect me from whack-jobs, so I headed on south down “Orphanage Road” where I came upon this fabulous wreck:

Now I did only stay on the outside this time. ¬†There was a pack of six Rottweilers in a neighboring yard about 50 meters away barking their heads off, so I was a bit nervous about taking my time. ¬† From the outside, I see serious treasure, so next time I’m in that area, I will investigate further.